The Experiences

The sea, the lagoon, the tropical dry forest. Rincón del Mar. To swim, to walk, to row, to ride, to dance, to sing, to cook. To rest. At Dos Aguas, we work hand in hand with locals committed to responsible tourism, so that it is them, through their skill and knowledge, who will guide each of these unforgettable experiences for you.

Headwrap workshop

Stories hatched at the heart and displayed on the head. Tradition, creativity, pride, color, allure. Women in power.

Experiencias Manglares

Mangroves Lagoon

You sit on a canoe, and travel through the serenity and torpor of a mangrove that breathes deeply, with the help of the conservation group that guides you and protects it.

Experiencia Bosque Seco Tropical

Tropical Dry Forest - Birdwatching or Cycling tour

Go and discover a world hidden between the sea, the mangroves, the forest and its millenary trees, colorful birds and the animals that observe you intently from their own refuges.

Drums class

Learn the Colombo-caribbean rhythms through the beat and movements of Bullerengue, Cumbia, Mapalé, or Champeta. And through these sounds, summon the history and pride of a people.

Cooking class (Arepa 'e Huevo)

A cooking class that puts in your hands the most recognized recipe of a region known for its delicious flavors. And that’s saying more than enough.

Hatha Yoga Class

The internal connection of that perfect moment that we dedicate to our bodies and minds, with generosity and dedication.

Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

You’ll find here one of the best spots to explore the sea of the Colombian Caribbean coast. A natural national park and protected marine area (San Bernardo Islands). A surprising spot for seasoned divers and ideal for those who want to explore for the first time the underwater world.


Stand-up Paddle

Mornings in Rincón del Mar begin with a calm and shining sea, perfect for drifting and paddling through the seawaters.

Dance class

In this town the rhythm is carried within, everyone dances and everyone can dance, two left feet and all. Take the local sounds with you and move your body to Bullerengue, Cumbia, Mapalé and Champeta. 

Islas experiencia

Visit the San Bernardo Archipelago

Due to its privileged position, Rincón del Mar is the best point to visit the islands of Isla Múcura, Isla Tintipán and Santa Cruz del Islote, on a day trip to this Archipelago. 

* All activities are run and operated by local guides and therefore, must be paid in cash to the guide. These activities are simply recommendations made by the hotel, and the hotel is not liable for any situation, damage, or injury that may arise from their operations.