We are Dos Aguas

We are Dos Aguas, and for the love of this land, we promote responsible tourism. Here, as anywhere, it’s imperative that we care for each other: making sure that the tourism industry is benefiting the inhabitants of Rincón del Mar in their cultural and social needs, as well as those of the environment. And the traveler, by providing an experience that goes beyond the conventional, and invites them to be part of a shared story between locals and nature. 



A place that captivates

A small coastal town with light sand roads, where you can hear the verses of women singing about life between the sea and the mangroves, and the Maria Mulatas tweet behind a tropical dry forest that you can barely perceive 

You can find the fishermen searching for the sun and the children laughing as they collect shells. Here the wind is light, almost as timid as the gaze of the old artisans. There is silence and noise, gossip and music. 

And the sea at night rocks gently simply to respect our repose.



Explore the local flavors

We promote the local gastronomy through the community itself. As it is them, who, from their own homes, beaches, or patios, can best prepare those exotic regional dishes worth exploring. 

Our invitation is then to wander the streets in search of that table and that story.


A Charming Pueblo

Just as it happened with us, this place will pursue you, it will entice you, it will charm you. 

A small fisherman town that smells of coconut rice, fried fish and patacones. The sound of african drums, champeta, and a light breeze that breaths over you. 

A place that sleeps between two waters.


The sea, the lagoon, the tropical forest. Rincón del Mar.

Swimming, walking, rowing, dancing, singing, cooking. Resting. At Dos Aguas, we work hand in hand with local people committed to responsible tourism, so that it is them, through their skills and knowledge, who will guide each of these unforgettable experiences.




Rincón del Mar is located one hour from Tolú, 3 hours from Cartagena, and 4 hours from Montería. You can fly to Tolú, Corozal, Cartagena or Montería and take a private car service to Rincón del Mar. Or you can also take a bus to San Onofre, and from there, a taxi to Rincón del Mar.

We are located in one of the most charming and remote villages of the Caribbean coast. A single sandy road crosses the town until the beach La Punta, a neighborhood with no-vehicle access, separated by a wooden bridge. A few steps later, you will find a lovely beach, where Dos Aguas is waiting for you.