Bioconstruction and Design

A large open space crafted to encourage interaction and union. With natural building materials and design that use natural light and ventilation to reduce our energy consumption. We chose ancestral building techniques (palm thatched roof and bahareque walls) to unite traditions with a contemporary and highly functional design, giving life to an architecture that revolves around a tropical garden, a sea-front deck, and a terrace overviewing the mangroves lagoon.



Sustainable by Design

Our operations were devised to be sustainable by design in order to achieve carbon neutrality and focusing on reducing rather than compensating. 

Our carbon footprint is minimal, but even so, we have begun a conservation proyect of 100,000 m2 at las Cumbre de Rincón to compensate our footprint and accomplish carbon neutrality.

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Certified B Corporation

Since 2023, joining this global movement of triple impact businesses that believe in a sustainable future and use the market force to give solutions to social and environmental problems.


Dos Aguas Foundation

Seeking to improve the quality of life and the social welfare of the people in Rincón del Mar, our NGO designs solutions that arise from within the context and that are focused on a long-term effect. 

We are dedicated to creating access to better education and higher opportunities for the local youth and local entrepreneurs. 


Jovenes en proceso educativo Fundacion Dos Aguas



Every morning begins with a homemade breakfast made with fresh and local ingredients. A variety of tasty snacks and traditional Italian dishes await during the rest of the day.  And to close it off, a few specials are added to the menu, to prove that creativity and variety are key for a 100% vegetarian menu to be 100% mouth-watering deliciousness. 


Sterilization Campaigns

Seeking an improved quality of life in Rincon del Mar, also for their cats and dogs. 

We organize sterilization campaigns, free of charge for members of the community, plus consultations and medicine at low cost, thus inspiring people to treat their pets with love and kindness. 

If you’d like to make a donation, please contact us!


Sumamos Community

We are founding members of the responsible travel community, Sumamos: an initiative that aims to raise awareness in the tourism industry, reducing its impact on the environment and preserving local culture. 

Our priority is for tourism to bring a benefit for local communities and to restore the real meaning of the word sustainability, so that sustainable tourism can become a a true action towards change.