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Everything in Dos Aguas Lodge has been conceived with two concepts in mind: inclusivity and sustainability. The design of our lodge embodies these qualities: an open and inviting space that welcomes everyone in and fosters social interactions; with carefully selected materials and shapes that use natural light and ventilation to reduce consumption; and building techniques that take the best from ancient traditions and modern design. All, to showcase Rincón’s natural resources with a structure wrapped around a lush garden of native plants, a balcony to relax over the mangroves, and a cocktail bar on the beach.

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Dos Aguas Lodge is set on the beach of the charming and remote town of Rincón del Mar. Our beach has no vehicle access, which makes it more quiet. To reach it you have to cross an old wooden bridge, which makes it that much more special.

Rincón del Mar fits perfectly in an itinerary of the Colombian Caribbean coast, and can be visited by car or bus from Cartagena (3 hours), Santa Marta (6 hours), Mompox (6 hours), Capurganá and Sapzurro (7 hours + boat ride), and even Medellín (13 hours).

Take a bus or car to San Onofre, and from there a taxi or mototaxi to Rincón del Mar (en extra 30 minutes on a bumpy unpaved road, preferably done by daylight). Ask to be dropped off at the end of the main road, at La Punta. Cross the wooden bridge and walk an extra 100 meters on the beach till you see us.

Believe us, it will be worth the hassle!


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Costeño Culture
A fishermen town that loves to dance to the traditional drums rhythm and the modern champeta sounds. Cooking the best fried fish and coconut rice you’ll ever taste. And with the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet.
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A single sandy road crosses the town from the entrance to the last (and most beautiful) beach, La Punta, where Dos Aguas is located. Being bare-foot is simply a standard. Life moves slowly, and is perfect for those seeking to relax. However, there’s plenty to do and see, for those who can’t sit still for long.
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There’s plenty of restaurants and stores for most basic articles, but they accept ONLY CASH. There’s NO CASH MACHINES in town either so bring enough for all the activities you’ll want to do.
Dos Aguas Lodge accepts card payments with a small surcharge.
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Explore Rincón del Mar, Colombia, its culture and natural resources, with activities run and operated by local guides committed to our mission of sustainable tourism.